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Prolonged sitting and bending postures, where the lumbar spine is 'flexed' should be avoided as they increase the pressure on the discs. This can lead to disc degeneration and a loss of disc height. As the discs shrink the facet joints come into contact with each other and start to bear weight. This is not what they are designed to do.

In order to avoid disc degeneration, and excessive loading of the facet joints, it is important to take better care of back posture. An understanding of good posture is necessary to achieve this.

Viewed from the side, the spine consists of a series of curves that increase the load-carrying capability of the spine compared to if the spine was just straight.

The lumbar part of the spine consists of a forward curve and as long as this is maintained, posture will be reasonably good. It is important that this improved posture is maintained during all activities, particularly when sitting for long periods - slumping should be avoided.

A Lumbar Roll placed at the bottom of the back or a Seating Support can be effective when sitting.

In the long term, good posture is maintained by increasing the muscular stability of the spine. The osteopath will identify muscles that have become over-stretched or shortened, weak or tense and can then teach a range of exercises and techniques that will help to stabilise the back, including improving abdominal, pelvic floor and back strength. For more information please call or ask in the clinic or visit www.back-stability.co.uk.

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