Fit-to-Live Health & Fitness Retreats use naturopathic medicine and the Neurological Integration System to help you optimise your health and fitness.

Whatever your aim: rehabilitate after injury or illness, weight loss, improve health and fight chronic illness, to get prepared for pregnancy, or simply to relax and re-charge.

Set in the beautiful Charente-Maritime countryside of western France, amongst forest, vineyards and sunflower fields, our aim is to enable everyone to have the knowledge and motivation to realise your full potential and perform to your best ability whether that be at work in an office environment, in your hobbies, as a parent or as an athlete.

In case of injury e.g. bruising, sprains, strains to any part of the body:

Remember PRICE

Protect from further injury - stop doing what you were doing!

Rest stay calm, lying down is usually best, wait for any spasm to subside

Ice apply anything cold for 10 minutes

Compression use a support bandage or cushions as needed.

Elevate an injured limb to reduce swelling.

Seek advice if necessary.


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The common cold and influenza are both viral illnesses and both can linger if not dealt with promptly!  Look out for the first signs – sore throat, runny nose, sneezing etc. and start immediately with the protocol below.

The key to fighting infections is to understand what the virus or bacteria want from your body – basically to multiply and spread through your own body and to other people.

Your body has various defence mechanisms to stop infections from first getting into the body and then spreading through the body:

          Skin, nasal mucosa and hairs, tonsils, white blood cells, saliva, antibodies

Infections have ways of moving from person to person and they are clever – if you have a cold the rhinovirus (common cold virus) is careful not to make you so ill that you can’t go out and about to sneeze and spread the virus to other people.  In this way that particular rhinovirus gets stronger (more virulent).  Of course the human body is clever too – its immune system is constantly developing and so eventually fights off the virus.  Some people will be able to fight the virus without it ever managing to develop at all and in time that particular strain of rhinovirus dies out.

The influenza (flu) virus is more powerful than the rhinovirus so although droplets also spread it, it is not necessary to sneeze – just normal breathing can spread the virus.  Flu can be a really nasty illness and it is important that you allow your body to fight it effectively.

First and foremost try to stay at home:

          Stops the spread and so weakens the virus

          By keeping warm you help kill the infection (it is no coincidence that colds are more common in the winter – they love cold noses!)

          By resting you allow your body to focus on fighting the infection

Allow your body to fight the infection:

When your body notices it is infected, it sends signals to your body to

          Raise your body temperature and create a fever (infections hate heat) so embrace and nurture a fever by keeping warm.  Much of the muscle aches associated with flu are as a result of the body shivering to try to keep the fever going.  Monitor with a thermometer, particularly in children (always seek medical advice for fever in young children), and only use cold flannels and paracetamol if the temperature goes above 102F.

          Remove iron and sugar from your blood (infections need to eat too), which is why you feel weak when ill so do not eat rich meaty or sugary foods.

          Sends white blood cells to trap and eat the infection.

          Stimulates little hairs (cillae) in the lungs and nose to sweep the infection up and out of the body so do not use cough suppressants.

Help your body to fight the infection:

          Keep warm and try a hot bath with a couple of handfuls of Epsom salts with maybe a few drops of eucalyptus or Olbas oils

          Eat only small, simple meals, but remember not to over exert yourself when you are on a restricted diet.

          Use steam inhalations with few drops of eucalyptus or Olbas oils to loosen mucous and tight chests.  Call the clinic for advice on decongestants and relieving tight chests.

          Try a general immune strengthening herb like echinacea or call the clinic for advice on a suitable herbal remedy.

          Elderberry inhibits replication of influenza viruses; try products such as Sambucol or lozenges from your chemist.

          Carrots are very high in carotenes, potassium and zinc, which are extremely effective immune system boosters as well as protecting mucus membranes of the nose, sinuses, throat and lungs. Drink up to 2 pints (2 kgs carrots) of fresh carrot juice daily for a few days.

          Potassium broth – chop organic carrots, onions, cabbage, any other greens, celery, parsley, garlic. Simmer in plenty of water for 30 minutes. Then strain and drink the broth. If feeling stronger convert to a soup by adding a teaspoon of Marigold bouillon and eat the whole soup.

          Drink plenty of liquids – water, vegetable juices, soups (preferably similar to potassium broth and avoiding cream based soups) and herb teas particularly rosehip, elderberry, green teas.

Fighting Colds and Flu

Stopping Viral Infections

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