I love treating horses and ponies - just like small children, they tell me, in their own, individual and inimitable ways, exactly how I should work and how they are feeling.

Equine osteopathy utilises the same techniques as for humans - active examination of movements and paces, passive mobility of joints, palpation of muscles, tendons and ligaments followed by treatment using neuro-integrative methods (NIS) and various types of soft tissue techniques, massage, mobilisations and gentle manipulations.

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Treatment using NIS is extremely gentle and horses and ponies readily accept it.  The best place for treatment is loose in a large stable or small yard, so that the horse is free to move between protocols, but, if necessary, the horse can of course be tied or held by a helper.  The only strict requirement is that the horse does not have access to food or titbits during the treatment session.  

Although NIS treatment is a complete assessment and treatment approach in its own right, on occasion I may recommend some classic osteopathic techniques in order to obtain the most efficient and effective results.  

It is highly recommended that owners/riders are also assessed osteopathically and using NIS by their local practitioner or by myself in clinic.

I require permission from your usual vet before treating your animal.  You can obtain this yourself or simply send me their details and I will contact them directly.

For more information please contact Julia.

Equine osteopathy is well known for its benefits to horses performance and well being.  Now there is a new modality of treatment: the Neurological Integration System or NIS.

NIS is a neuro-integrative form of medicine for people, which has been developing since 2003 and has taken a big leap forward with the latest release of research from New Zealand and Germany in 2018.  I have been developing the use of NIS in my osteopathic treatment of horses over the last few years.   It is particularly suitable for very sensitive horses and for those for whom other methods have not been working.  Some horses do not like classic hands-on treament approaches; even very gentle approaches like craniosacral technique or Masterson's method can be too invasive for them.  In my experience, NIS is readily accepted by horses.

NIS is a fantastic tool for delving deep into the root causes of conditions.  Health is more than the absence of obvious disease.  It is dependent upon the individual and is a reflection of an harmonious interaction with our environment - both internally, within our body, and externally.  Dysfunction in one area invariably leads to disruption elsewhere.  

All functional areas of the body - the musculoskeletal system, organ function, hormonal balance, the immune system, emotions and behavioural patterns - are monitored and coordinated by our central nervous system.  The Neurological Integration System reveals disturbed communications between all the horse's systems and enables a "reset" of the normal connections.  Comparable to an update for a troubled operating system of a computer, only many times more complex!

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