I have a special interest in complex shoulder syndromes and have particular success with frozen shoulder syndrome using a combination of NIS and the Niel-Asher Technique.

I worked for many years with the Dr Fazeela Khan-Osborne of the 121 Dental Clinic and Face52, orofacial pain and implant specialists, providing cranio-facial adjustments and assisting with the treatment of jaw pain.

The average osteopathic client varies with location.  In London they tend to be office based (but up early to the gym before work!) with stress-related and sitting posture dysfunctions.  In Scotland...well I certainly became familiar with farming schedules and the episodic injuries that come with different jobs at different times of the year - from hay-makers neck (from turning to watch the baler behind) to calving back (also seen in vets and sheep scanners!) to farmer’s hip (from standing on quad bikes zooming around acres looking for new lambs or feeding stock).

I endeavour to follow as full and natural lifestyle as possible. Eating a diet of vegetables, meat, fish and fruit; walking and skiing (depending on the weather!) in the mountains; looking after my horse and pony; practising QiGong and furthering my knowledge and researching functional medicine.

I am enthusiastically committed to helping my patients and clients to feel better - healthy in body, mind and spirit!

Julia Williams

MEng (Hons), BSc (Hons) Ost Med, D.O., N.D.

Registered with the General Osteopathic Council

Member of the British Osteopathic Association

Member of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association

Member of the Neurolink Academy

Although many chiropractors and naturopaths choose to use the courtesy title Dr., I have chosen not to so as not to confuse patients and detract from my professional strengths.

Based in London, Julia Williams is an osteopath and naturopath with a passion for optimising the health potential of the individual.

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  About Julia Williams

Julia practices from a regular clinic in central London treating patients of all ages with a broad range of conditions from sports injuries, low back pain and headaches to irritable bowel syndrome and circulatory disorders.

She is particularly experienced in treating difficult or longstanding cases of back or neck pain, headaches and joint pains.  Especially those with links to digestive problems or hormone imbalances.

She also treats horses and ponies, as well as the occasional dog, cat and bird!

Osteopathic General Practice

I  provided both acute injury care and regular osteopathic care to musicians, actors, dancers and production staff through a number of studios, production facilities and management companies including Pinewood Studios (notably the Bond, Lara Croft and Star Wars series), Metropolis Recording Studio, Ballet Rambert, Wildlife Management and various record and publishing companies including Island Records, Independiente, Mother Records and Virgin Music Publishing.

I have always treated the whole range of patients and clients of all ages and from all backgrounds from babies to the elderly, office-workers to farmers and sports professionals, using a range of osteopathic techniques from manipulation to cranio-sacral to the neurological integration system (NIS).  

As a naturopath, I use a range of techniques including diet and nutritional medicine, detoxification treatments, herbal remedies, good breathing practice, hydrotherapy, postural re-education, relaxation techniques and emotional management techniques.

Professional Practise

Julia initially qualified as a chemical engineer from Imperial College, London, but then decided to pursue a different type of engineering, that of the human body, in the form of osteopathic medicine.  She graduated with first class honours from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy (now the British College of Osteopathic Medicine) in 1997.  She spent her first three post-graduate years practising alongside Dr. Brian Pattinson, a founder member of the British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine, gaining experience in rheumatology and orthopaedic medicine.  She held an NHS provider contract with Brentford, Chiswick & Isleworth Primary Care Trust from 1998 to 2004 and has provided private care to the patients of Holly Road Medical Centre for Dr. N. Thakrar, a family NHS and private GP since 1997.

She has held a regular clinic in London's Harley Street and Wimpole Street since 2002; the last six years from the Harley Street Centre for Women at 78, Harley Street.

In 2005, she founded a multi-disciplinary family natural health practice, Moffat Osteopaths,  in the Southern Uplands of Scotland, which grew to attract patients from all over the north of England and Scotland, both human and equine.

Equine osteopathy utilises the same techniques as for humans - active examination of movements and paces, passive mobility of joints, palpation of muscles, tendons and ligaments followed by treatment using neuro-integrative methods (NIS) and various types of soft tissue techniques, massage, mobilisations and gentle manipulations.

During this time working with such a variety of people and conditions, she developed her Fit-to-Live model of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation.   Whether at work in an office environment, in your hobbies, as a parent or as an athlete, being Fit-to-Live means having the energy, strength and enjoyment to live your life to the full.

In 2013 , she moved to the Austrian Alps where she ran Fit-to-Live retreats in the summer and skied in the winter.  Julia is now based in France at her retreat centre in the Charente-Maritime region, just north of Bordeaux, where she takes individuals and small groups looking to rehabilitate from injury, lose weight, address specific health concerns or simply to improve general health and fitness.  She also provides osteopathic care to the PsychedGlobal Retreats.

Julia has well-established links with various specialists and consultants, imaging centres and blood, stool and nutritional testing centres.

Osteopathic Sports Care

I worked and managed sports injury clinics within several sports and leisure centres including within the Hogarth Club and in the first women-only gym in London, the Sunstone Women’s Sports Centre.  I enjoy working with both professional and amateur sports men and women:  The types of sport and injuries seen do vary with location - in Hammersmith I worked with rowers of the Furnival Rowing Club and boxers; in Scotland it was more horse riders (dressage, eventing and their horses and ponies), rugby and football players, long distance runners and fell runners.  

In Scotland, I was a volunteer for the Lowther Hills First Responders, part of the rapid response initiative of the Scottish Ambulance Service and provided first aid and sports injury care to local sports groups including the South West Scotland Cycling Project (Scottish Cycling Team), Dumfries & Galloway Carriage Driving Association and local horse shows and events.  I was a primary care first aider for the International Children’s Games held in Lanarkshire in 2011.

Julia uses a broad range of osteopathic and naturopathic techniques including the Neurological Integration System (NIS).  NIS is a fantastic tool for delving deep into the root causes of conditions.  

Health is more than the absence of obvious disease.  It is dependent upon the individual and is a reflection of a harmonious interaction with our environment - both internally, within our body, and externally.  Dysfunction in one area invariably leads to disruption elsewhere.  

All functional areas of the human body - the musculoskeletal system, organ function, hormonal balance, the immune system, emotions and behavioural patterns - are monitored and coordinated by our central nervous system.  The Neurological Integration System reveals disturbed communications between all our body’s systems and enables a "reset" of the normal connections.  Comparable to an update for a troubled operating system of a computer, only many times more complex!

Regular injuries, thanks to horse riding at home in France in the summer and skiing at my base in the Austrian Alps in winter, provide valuable insight into injury mechanisms, healing and professional empathy!

Julia WIlliams - Osteopath, Naturopath, NIS Academy Member