Fit-to-Live Health & Fitness Retreats use naturopathic medicine and the Neurological Integration System to help you optimise your health and fitness.

Whatever your aim: rehabilitate after injury or illness, weight loss, improve health and fight chronic illness, to get prepared for pregnancy, or simply to relax and re-charge.

Set in the beautiful Charente-Maritime countryside of western France, amongst forest, vineyards and sunflower fields, our aim is to enable everyone to have the knowledge and motivation to realise your full potential and perform to your best ability whether that be at work in an office environment, in your hobbies, as a parent or as an athlete.

In case of injury e.g. bruising, sprains, strains to any part of the body:

Remember PRICE

Protect from further injury - stop doing what you were doing!

Rest stay calm, lying down is usually best, wait for any spasm to subside

Ice apply anything cold for 10 minutes

Compression use a support bandage or cushions as needed.

Elevate an injured limb to reduce swelling.

Seek advice if necessary.


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Stiffness, tenderness and pain.  Worse with movement, especially after resting. After warming up the pain and stiffness usually lessens, but pain will return once the muscle tires again. This will very depending on the level of damage the muscle or associated tendon has sustained and the amount of work you then ask it to do.

Strained Back Muscle

Muscle strains can be very painful although often the main symptom is stiffness.  Sometimes there is not much pain until the muscle is pressed when it will feel tender.  If there is an acute strain, pain will be felt immediately but often in less severe strains the pain is not felt until the following morning after injury.

Symptoms of strained muscle

Back Muscle Strain

Treatment of strained muscles

strained back muscles

Acute muscle strain: Follow R.I.C.E protocol. Stop the activity, rest in a comfortable position, preferably lying down and apply ice or a cold pack for 10 minutes every hour for 6 hours to reduce internal bruising to the muscle. The muscle may tend to spasm for the first two or three days after injury.  Warm compresses can help to.. (..continue reading...)

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