Fit-to-Live Health & Fitness Retreats use naturopathic medicine and the Neurological Integration System to help you optimise your health and fitness.

Whatever your aim: rehabilitate after injury or illness, weight loss, improve health and fight chronic illness, to get prepared for pregnancy, or simply to relax and re-charge.

Set in the beautiful Charente-Maritime countryside of western France, amongst forest, vineyards and sunflower fields, our aim is to enable everyone to have the knowledge and motivation to realise your full potential and perform to your best ability whether that be at work in an office environment, in your hobbies, as a parent or as an athlete.

In case of injury e.g. bruising, sprains, strains to any part of the body:

Remember PRICE

Protect from further injury - stop doing what you were doing!

Rest stay calm, lying down is usually best, wait for any spasm to subside

Ice apply anything cold for 10 minutes

Compression use a support bandage or cushions as needed.

Elevate an injured limb to reduce swelling.

Seek advice if necessary.


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If your body gets stressed, be it mentally, emotionally or physically, then one effect is that your cortisol levels will rise.  This increases insulin resistance (see for more information on insulin and its effects) and so your body starts to hoard calories and store fat.  This is simply an evolutionary response to danger.  Your body doesn’t know that you are not going to have to run away from a lion every time you get worried and it also doesn’t know that when you are pushing yourself to “feel the burn” in a high intensity aerobics class, you will be able to curl up later and watch television safely at home.  Stress has the same effect on your body, whatever its source.

If there is any continued weight loss with prolonged intense exercise, it’s probably muscular and not adipose (fat) tissue loss.  If you want to attain and keep low body fat levels, you’ve got to avoid sending a stress signal to the body, which involves paying really good attention to your the rest of your lifestyle - sleep, stress level, sensible exercise intensity and quantity.  Everything in moderation!

And its not just extremes of exercise.  Some people use fasting or intermittent fasting as an aid achieving and maintaining their desired health and body composition (fat and lean muscle) and for some people this works well.  But fasting can cause cortisol problems as well, both overall output and disruptions in the rhythm, and again cortisol accumulation can cause fat gain, especially visceral fat in the abdominal area.

So, if you want to be healthy and lean, many studies have shown that, the best way is for you to have intermittent short-lived stressors and then long periods of happy times for your body.

But it seems to be one of the hardest things for people to change. It’s a lot easier to tweak your carbohydrate ratio or take a super supplement than it is to to turn off the computer a couple hours earlier at night or sleep in a couple hours later or whatever it is.  

It seems to be a lot harder for people to make those changes.

What works for one person, doesn’t for another, because we are all different genetically, our personal history and our present lifestyles.  Often it takes trial and error, but if you learn to really listen to your body, it will tell you what is right for you, what makes you and your body happy!

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